The ITV 1 Reality TV Show Featuring Dollar And The Following Artists:

Tony Hadley, Elkie Brooks, Leee John, Peter Cox, Gina G, Michelle Gayle, Hayden Eshun & Sonia.

This programme doesn't need any explanation really, but for anyone who didn't turn the TV on or read a newspaper during March and April 2003, here's a brief reminder. ITV flew these nine acts to America to perform in front of an audience who voted for their favourite act. The two acts with the least votes were then put to a phone vote in the UK and the loser had to leave the show and return home.
Unfortunately, Dollar were the first act to leave the show after they lost the UK phone vote to Sonia. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the first two weeks of the programme. The audience that was chosen for the first show in New Orleans consisted mainly of a drunken stag party. And Sonia going for the sympathy vote by her dramatic departure due to stress, only to return a day or two later. Both of which didn't do Dollar any favours at all. If they had chosen a decent audience for the first show I don't think Dollar would have been in the last two places after given the tremendous performance they did.



Reborn In The USA CD

The CD released to accompany the series includes 17 tracks featuring new recordings from all the artists involved. Dollar's contribution is a cover of the track 'Something Stupid' which marks the first new recording from Thereza and David in over 14 years. Although Dollar recorded two tracks for this CD only one was included on the final album. The other track (a cover of the Bee Gees's 'How Deep Is Your Love') remains unreleased.
Thanks to Universal Music you can hear the track exclusively on this website (see below).

Something Stupid


How Deep Is Your Love (Low Quality)


How Deep Is Your Love (High Quality)


Although Dollar's appearance in the programme was brief they gave a fantastic performance on the first show singing 'They Can't Take That Away From Me'.


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After each act was voted off the programme they were allowed a farewell performance. Dollar weren't given the chance to perform again in Philadelphia after they were voted off the programme. I know a lot of Dollar fans (me included) sent e-mail's to Granada to complain about this. Thankfully Granada did the decent thing and Dollar were allowed to perform again on the final programme in London. Apart from the two finalists Dollar were the only other artists on the programme to perform with the live orchestra. They gave a truly fantastic performance of the track they were going to perform in Philadelphia, 'Can't Give You Anything (But My Love).


They Can't Take That Away From Me - Reborn In The USA (2003)

Can't Give You Anything (But My Love) - Reborn In The USA Final (2003)

They Can't Take That Away From Me

Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)

Broadcast: Saturday 8th March 2003

Broadcast: Saturday 26th April 2003

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