I've started this new section off with three of my favourite Dollar TV interviews. The interview from TV-AM in 1988 is one of the funniest interviews I've ever seen them do. The interview from Liquid News (broadcast on BBC Three) was their first TV interview together in over 14 years.

Breakfast Time (1986)

TV-AM (1988)

Liquid News (2002)

Breakfast Time (1986)
Promoting 'We Walked In Love'

TV-AM (1988)*
Promoting 'It's Nature's Way'

Liquid News (2002)**
Promoting Hear & Now Tour

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Clip Length: 7.45 Mins

Clip Length: 9.45 Mins

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I've removed the video clip to 'It's Nature's Way' from this interview to keep the file size as small as possible. You can download the full video in the Promotional Videos section.


I've edited together all the main parts that featured Dollar during this 30 minute programme.