Screamtime Video Cover

The horror movie 'Screamtime' starring David Van Day (also known as 'Do You Believe In Fairies?') was released on video in 1983 by Medusa Communications Ltd. The movie is split up into three separate stories each lasting about 30 minutes. David stars in the third story along with well known comedy actress Dora Bryan and Jean Anderson (star of the TV series 'Tenko').
This page features the storyline and screen caps to David's part of the movie, plus five video clips of his performance to download.



Gavin Martin (played by David) needs to find around £400 for some repairs to his motorbike. His boss will not let him work any extra hours to get the money he needs, but is willing to lend him the money if the pays it back at £40 a week. So Gavin gets a second job as a handyman for two old sisters, Emma and Mildred Hurley (played by Dora Bryan and Jean Anderson) who live in a big house protected by fairies. On his first day the sisters tell him the story of one of their ancestors (Lady Anne Hurley) who although was married had many affairs with other men. The fairies would use the souls of her ex-lovers as their slaves and bury the bodies in the grounds of the house. She was later executed for murder when her husband (who never knew of the affairs) found the bodies.

Gavin realises the sisters are very wealthy and decides to rob them with the help of his brother Tim and friend Frank. And so one night the three of them break into the house. Once inside Gavin and Frank go upstairs to collect the money and jewellery leaving Tim downstairs to collect up all the silver. It's then when things start to go wrong. Tim is attacked by a gnome whilst trying to leave the house with the silver. Gavin and Frank manage to get all the money and jewellery out of the house and are waiting for Tim in the grounds. Gavin starts to get worried when there is no sign of Tim so he goes back into the house to look for him. While Frank is waiting alone outside he is attacked by dead bodies that rise up from beneath the ground.

While looking for Tim inside the house Gavin is confronted by the ghost of Lady Anne Hurley who has appeared from her portrait hanging on the wall. Objects start to fly across the room and Gavin tries to leave the house only to be stopped by a bright light as he opens the door. Suddenly his jacket, shirt and sweatshirt are ripped from his body and he is standing in the middle of the room naked from the waist upwards in front of Lady Anne Hurley. She moves over to Gavin and they start kissing passionately, then suddenly she backs off and Gavin is thrown to the wall by an invisible force with his arms spread out above his head. A knife and fork come hurtling across the room and land in the palms of his hands pinning him to the wall. They are closely followed by a large carving knife that stabs Gavin directly in the heart killing him outright.

The story ends with the sisters showing a new handyman (Mr Cross) around the house. They show him the portrait of Lady Anne Hurley and point out that the portrait next to her's is of her last lover, which is a portrait of Gavin.



Screamtime - Clip1

The first clip shows Gavin having trouble with his bike at the race circuit, and then trying to think of how he can get some extra money together for the repairs. The clip ends with Gavin wondering if his boss (Colin) will help him out.


Clip Length: 1.48 Mins / File Size: 1.31 MB


Screamtime - Clip 2

This clip shows Colin (Gavin's boss) telling him he can't work any extra hours. Gavin then receives a phone call from his brother telling him about the handyman job. At first Gavin isn't interested but he soon changes his mind when Colin offers to lend him the money.


Clip Length: 2.20 Mins / File Size: 1.71 MB


Screamtime - Clip 3

In this clip Gavin goes to the house to meet the sisters (Emma and Mildred Hurley). They tell him about the handyman job and discuss his wages, they also mention the fact that they don't believe in banks.


Clip Length: 3.17 Mins / File Size: 2.40 MB


Screamtime - Clip 4

In this clip the sisters tell Gavin the story of Lady Anne Hurley. Gavin then sees Emma Hurley getting his wages from a large wad of notes. The clip ends with Gavin lying in bed thinking about robbing the sisters.


Clip Length: 2.03 Mins / File Size: 1.50 MB


Screamtime - Clip 5

The final clip shows Gavin coming back into the house in search of his brother. Only to be confronted by the ghost of Lady Anne Hurley. The clip ends with the sisters showing the new handyman around the house.


Clip Length: 2.24 Mins / File Size: 1.76 MB