David released his first solo single 'Young Americans Talking' in 1983. He has never really released a full solo album although the re-recorded Dollar CD's which include some new tracks by David should really be included on this page. I've decided to leave them in the Dollar album discography as they were released as Dollar and Thereza's picture is on some of the covers. Also included here are details of the Bucks Fizz album David released during his time in the group with Mike Nolan. All the information on this page relates to UK releases unless otherwise stated.


Young Americans Talking
Young Americans Talking

Ringing The Bell (12" Cover)
Ringing The Bell
(12" Cover)

She Said She Said
She Said She Said

She Said She Said (12" Remix)
She Said She Said
(12" Remix)

A Fistful Of Dollar
A Fistful Of Dollar

David's first solo single 'Young Americans Talking' released on WEA records narrowly missed a place in the UK Top 40 reaching number 43 in May 1983. It was produced by Andy Hill the man responsible for the success of Bucks Fizz. Andy Hill also wrote and produced the b-side 'Fighting For The Country' which he also recorded with his own group Paris. The 12" version (which also came with a free poster) includes extended versions of both tracks.
In 1985 as part of the group Music Academy David released the track 'Ringing The Bell' on the Record Shack label. I've never been able to find a copy of the 7" in a picture cover so I assume it was only the 12" that was released in one.
In 1989 'She Said She Said' was released on Union records. Two 12" singles were released both featuring different extended versions of the a-side (Deadly Twist Mix and The Remix). The same extended version of the b-side is featured on both releases. It was also released on CD single which includes the single and first extended version of the a-side (Deadly Twist Mix) plus a new track 'Gimme Your Love'. There was also a cassette single released.
'A Fistful Of Dollar' was released after David's TV commercial for virginmoney.com. It includes a medley of the three Dollar tracks featured in the commercial ('Mirror Mirror', 'O L'Amour' and 'Who Were You With In The Moonlight') all of which are new recordings without Thereza. The single also features a new recording of 'Give Me Back My Heart' and a track David wrote with Barry Upton called 'Oh Marilyn'.






Young Americans Talking / Fighting For The Country

7" Picture Disc, 12" Single With Poster


Ringing The Bell / Instrumental (Music Academy)

12" Single


She Said She Said / For Your Love

2 x 12" Singles, CD Single, Cassette Single


A Fistful Of Dollar / Give Me Back My Heart / Oh Marilyn

CD Single Only


Bucks Fizz CD Covers

Making Your Mind Up

Piece Of The Action

One Of Those Nights

The Land Of Make Believe

My Camera Never Lies

Now Those Days Are Gone

If You Can't Stand The Heat

Run For Your Life

Talking In Your Sleep

I Hear Talk

When We Were Young

London Town

Let's Party All Night

(Gimmie One More) Chance

Lazy With Your Love

New Beginning

During David's time in Bucks Fizz with Mike Nolan they released an album of re-recorded Bucks Fizz tracks. The album also features a couple of new songs which David also co-wrote. The album was released in the UK and parts of Europe featuring many different covers (more than the four pictured above) all of which had the same track listing.
The same line-up also released two CD singles in the UK, a new version of 'Making Your Mind Up' released in 1998 and a cover of the old Rick Astley hit 'Never Gonna Give You Up' in 2000. There was also a promotional video made for 'Making Your Mind Up '98'.

Making Your Mind Up '98

Never Gonna Give You Up

Bucks Fizz: Making Your Mind Up '98 (CD Single)

Making Your Mind Up '98
(Radio Edit)

Bucks Fizz: Never Gonna Give You Up (CD Single)

Never Gonna Give You Up
(Radio Edit)

Making Your Mind Up '98
(Extended Vocal Mix)

Never Gonna Give You Up
(R-U-Ready? 12" Mix)

Making Your Mind Up '98
(Over 18 Speed Mix)

Glad You Are Mine
(Make Believe 12" Mix)



Who Cares? - Doctor In Distress

Track: Doctor In Distress

Artist: Who Cares?

In 1985 David took part in this charity single which was made in support of the TV programme Doctor Who. All proceeds from the single went to the charity Cancer Relief. The single was also released on 12" featuring extended versions of the a-side and the instrumental b-side. Some of the other artists involved in the single were Hazell Dean, Faith Brown and Bobby Gee (from Bucks Fizz).